So what this blog is about? I am a software engineer, about two years ago (2011) I worked as a freelance developing some algo-trading tools, which were mainly used as a decision-support tools for traders.

During this time I wanted to learn how to trade myself, and started this blog so I'll have a place to write my daily plans and recaps (journal).

My project as a freelance ended few month ago (mid 2013), and my full attention has shifted back to programming, as a result I decided to not restrict this blog to trading only anymore.

This blog was full of daily plans and recaps, which is quite boring, same thing everyday just different numbers. So I took those off to cleanup, and I will start to use this blog to write about anything from programming to trading to what I had for lunch (not really), probably it will be quite seldom.

Also I will want to use this blog as a home to some of my tools that I wrote, like the News Center App, and hopefully some more tools that I'll have a chance to release publicly.
Thanks for checking,